Health Insurance Discovery Navigator (HIDN)


When a patient arrives at a healthcare facility without health insurance information, they often can’t afford to pay for the healthcare services. Most of these balances will end up in bad debt as the collect-ability of a balance for an uninsured patient is less than 3%. Some of these patients actually have billable health insurance but fail to provide the information. The patient may be unaware of the coverage or may have forgotten the policy information.

Unfortunately, if the patient fails to provide their health insurance coverage information, it is highly unlikely the medical provider will be paid for their services.

The HIDN process is simple yet very effective! As part of the on-boarding process, JDS will work with each provider to identify the top 10 health insurance companies in their specific service area. Providers will create a daily, weekly or monthly report containing demographic data for uninsured patients. The HIDN solution, using proprietary processes, will effectively screen each account for available government and private health insurance information.


Jason Donahoe Services, Inc. (JDS) has developed a health insurance discovery (HIDN) solution to identify potentially billable health insurance information for self-pay accounts. This safety net program goes beyond any traditional programs to deliver payment sources for up to 15% of the patient accounts submitted to JDS for review.